Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key is a collaboration between 3 times world champ Mick Fanning and DHD's own Darren Handley. The idea was to create a short board that surfers of all abilities can ride in all conditions up to 5 feet. 

The Skeleton Key has more outline in the plan shape, lower rocker, fuller rail and a lightning fast deep single to double concave is what makes this board a total must have for any surfer out there! 

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Riding Level: Beginner, Advanced, Expert
Type: Shortboard
Tail Type: Squash
Fantastic board!
Andrés Gil Morell
I wasn't sure at the beginning but this is TOP.
Peter Parker
Probably one of the best boards ever. Amazing price, great quality.
photos and videos
Jaime de la Cal
After surfing in Cloud9
Andrés Gil Morell
Surfing with skeleton key
Peter Parker
God bless LA.
Jaime de la Cal
Doing what i thought i would never do.. this board takes you to your limits! #maldives #contrasurfing
Harry Bale
After a good session with the #DHDSkeletonKey
Harry Bale
The DHD Skeleton Key has been built to bring out the best in your high performance surfing! With volume in...
Harry Bale
Skeleton Key: shaped with a lower rocker and mid full rail profile allows you to surf this model in small...
Harry Bale
Free Surfing with the Skeleton Key

4 x 4 x 4 Standard


Easy entry into low rocker


Single to Double


Carbon Strips on Tail


Five Fin *FCS 2 or Futures

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