31" 'Da Monsta' Blue

The 31" Da Monsta is a collaboration with master shaper Todd Proctor from Ventura and is a surfskate with the same look and feel of his popular 'Da Monsta' surfboard model. Describing Da Monsta as a surfboard you can skate on waves, the pairing with our surfing skateboard was just a perfect fit. It's further cross-pollinating performance between surf and skate, and gives riders a tuned pair of boards to do that on.

Perfect to improve your surfing!
Jaime de la Cal

After i tried it with a friend, i had to buy one and now, i use it everyday! it is perfect to improve your surfing in land and do tricks, improve your arms position, etc...

photos and videos
Harry Bale
Carver Skateboard 3 - Da Monsta - Resin - Toulouse - France Good Session in South of France!
Harry Bale
Forever Grom Ricky Schaffer illustrates how this board will help you to surf better than you've ever surfed...

9 3/4" wide
6 1/4" tail
3 1/2" nose
17 " wheelbase

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