Snowboard guide

It it really important to choose the right snowboard as...


Whether you’re new to the mountains or a seasoned veteran, finding a snowboard that fits your riding style and preferred terrain is a critical step in taking your skills to the next level.

  • Board and Terrain Style: Snowboard manufacturers shape boards for different styles of riding. For example, a freeride board, designed for backcountry or powder riding, is going to be more difficult to jib with (using rails, boxes, and other park obstacles) than a freestyleboard. There are some specialty board types, such as swallowtail boards, that are exclusively for powder riding. Also note that boards have different camber profiles that allow for unique feel and performance when riding. More information regarding board styleterrain style, and camber can be found below.

  • Experience Level: Manufacturers design boards for specific terrain as well as for experience level. Beginner boards help introduce new riders to the sport, intermediate boards let riders hone their skills across varying terrains, and advanced boards let riders tackle the most complicated terrains. Read the Skill Level section to find a board that best fits your experience level.

  • Size: To find the right size snowboard, place one end of the board on the ground so it’s standing upright—a board that comes up to your chin is the ideal size.

Ultimately, the right board is one that is the appropriate size and suited for the terrain you’ll be riding on most frequently.

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