NFX JR Show the big kids what you can do.


The MANTRA is the most universal all mountain tool with an extremely wide range of use. The Titanal construction churns out outstanding on and off piste performance in all conditions.


RX 12 SKI FACTS WAIST 70 MM: A bit wider than a classic carving ski the running surface is increased by about 6 %. This allows consistent edging on varying surfaces and when carving makes higher edge angles possible. SKI GEOMETRY: The ELLIPTICAL RADIUS enables agile turns. The narrower turning radius in...


Precision prepared to meet the specifications of our professional freestyle team, the Wall shines in the park & pipe.


The Kink addresses the same target audience as the Wall but the Kink makes it playful and more forgiving. A true joker for the park & pipe and on the groomed slopes as well.


The ski for freestyle newcomers perfectly designed to lay down that first 360 on a moderate kicker — and then head straight over to the pipe.


The freestyle ski for our female team members. Extremely quick reacting and playful thanks to the moderate tip & tail rocker.


The special symmetrical sidecut is tailored especially for park & pipe. Therefore the Step became the top ski on the rails.


Radically easy: The ONE embodies the same concept as the TWO, yet its smaller width makes it more agile and compatible with a broader target group.


The TWO offers extremely playful handling, enormous floatation & best stability and support for unlimited versatility and creativity in the backcountry.


Like the KENDO: The reworked KENJA with tip and tail rocker & moderate taper construction tip offers best stability and maximum power for girls who are looking for a stable and powerful all mountain tool.


The THREE is a radical powder tool for extreme floatation and easiest handling, promising the finest, most creative big mountain/backcountry skiing.


The Confession is as sporty and reliable as it gets. The Titanal Band technology absorbs hard shocks reliably, delivers stability and yet saves on unnecessary weight. Carbon stringer, Multilayer Woodcore and robust sidewalls guarantee extra stability during drops, steep lines and hard turns in the backcountry. A...


BMX115 SKI FACTS WAIST 115 MM: Outstanding handling in powder and confidence at speed, the BMX115 is designed for the days skiers dream about. The combination of reduced weight with a broader waist guarantee optimum float in powder and stability when the snow changes unexpectedly. SKI GEOMETRY: ELLIPTICAL...


It‘s the perfect choice for all who want skiing fun no matter what the conditions.

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