Are you decided to buy?

If you say yes, you would first have to know where to look for.

They exist online platforms devoting to buying and selling surf articles, these places give you a quality guarantee that other places don’t since previously his team has examined the product for later put up for sale it. You can also find another skilled web where users put announcements to sell his products, perhaps you find some offer but BE CAREFUL, look for them in your geographical zone, is better to see them before to ensure that the board is in good condition. You can also find surf material in buying apps and marketplaces.

Further, what you can find on the internet, you can also attend to the surf schools cause in occasions they put up for sale previous season surfboards or even to technical shops, they sometimes sell secondhand or exhibition products in a very good condition that can interest you.

Which type of surfboard you want

It’s important to have clear what we want. If we’re noobs in the surf world but we want to do it, first we’ll have to know which is the most recommended surfboard type for the initiation process.


If you are a beginner, before starting with the search, you have to make a small investigation, asking friends who know about surf or on the internet. Learn some technical details so you could choose the best surfboard for your needs. You’ll have to take account the buoyancy, the stability and other characteristics that a surfboard have to gather for those who are initiating. On the other hand, if it isn’t the first time that you buy a surfboard and you have clear the wanted model, go fully to the research.

If you are already advanced and decided to change your beginner board, improve your technician and adapt you better to the waves with which you are used to surfing, be careful to accommodate you with something that really wasn’t looking for by the search time and prices.

Surfboard Conditions

Now is time to dive into the network to find the best available offers and begin to compare them. For this, you’ll have to consider the photos and characteristic that the vendor offers us, even asking for more information if we think is necessary. The images will be the keys to detect imperfections so, start to negotiate the prices value and do comparisons.

Clean: To analyze the board in depth and check that isn’t damaged, you’ll have to see the board totally cleaned with paraffin, cause they could hide flaws like small cracks that are filtering water and could be too late.

Colour: It’s very important to observe the board color cause it can give us some tracks of his condition. In case that you see that board colors are yellowish, can be a sign of a long sunlight exposition that can have damaged his solidity. If we see changes in the tonalities, can mean that it has already been repaired, in this case, you have to check that these repairs have done properly and if don’t exist flaws in the treated zone under the painting.

Firmness: You have to check his firmness of equal way. For this, with the board placed looking to the floor, we’ll have to push softly at the center to observe if it doesn’t sink with ease downwards, also can check it tightening by both sides toward the center. If the table sinks, don’t buy it, surely in little time it going to splitting and force you to buy a new.

The dents don’t have to concern you too much, is very common to see dents that appear on the feets zone because of the hits that receive with our knees because of not dominating the takeoff maneuver.

Marks and fissures: The marks are a very worrying thing to take account, they can make leaks to the interior of the table and this will do that it lose solidity and even can break. Therefore it’s precise that you fix well in the point, the tail and the board signs of surfing.
Also, review the fins is very important cause they could be cracked or oxide.

Repairs: We can detect them cause the repaired zone going to be with a different color, so we owe to fix us well in each detail.

Touch: Until the moment, all the councils were visual aspects, but once made all the previous check we will have to use the touch. There are flaws that can escape to our sight but that with this last check will go out to the light. Pass the hand by all the surface in search of rugosities an, in an equal way go through it all the singings in case it existed some crack that hasn’t seen. It loans special attention to the zone of the keels and to the two extremes of the table, nose, and bottom.

Once you have made all these checks, will be able to be safe that you are buying a table in perfect conditions to begin to ride the waves on her.