The Galician city of Valdoviño is going to become the first city in Spain having a specific surf museum, and it going to be called ‘Ocean Surf Museum’. This project going to situated at the Cultural House of Valdoviño, a building that received in his best days the National Prize of Architecture, a work of Manuel Gallego Jorreto, the architect.

Cultural House Valdoviño

The “Ocean Surf Museum” will do a review of the history of this sport in Galicia, his precursors, the evolution…
All documented and showed in graphic form. Besides, also it will have contained other related with surf disciplines like; the oceanography, the meteorology or the engineering. As logic, the museum will also have a devoted room to the Classic Pantin, the most important celebrated proof in Spain and one of the most ancient of the world.

You’re going to be able to contemplate the funds in the first flat, that has a glazed gallery with views of the Frouxeira beach, although the museum also will be able to become the exhibitions room of the Cultural House to organise temporary samples, as well as his auditorium could become a cultural centre, receiving cycles of cinema, festivals, congresses…etc.


The museum will have “unique pieces, like surfboards or wetsuits”, and in his first activity days, it will exhibit a sample of the surfboards collection of Enrique Artero. The surf history in Galicia is the conductive thread of the Ocean Surf Museum; from where it invites the visitor to make a route in this sport, starting from the beginnings until our days. For this, it will include “texts, planes, illustrations, original pieces, photographies and audiovisual”.



Likewise, the Classic Pantin will have his own “space stood out” in quality of “an exclusive protagonist in one of the rooms”.

The Pull & Bear Pantín Classic Galicia Pro remains one of the highest level tests in Europe within the WQS qualifying circuit. With 6,000 points in both his male and female, from August 29 to September 3 will bring together some of the most representative names in world surfing in Ferrol. Proof of this is that the last two winners of the competition, Kanoa Igarashi, and Sage Erickson, are among those chosen few, the best surfers on the planet, who fight to be world champions in the WCT.

The location in the calendar within the so-called European tour, with two relatively close WCT events (France and Portugal), and the hearth of an event that has already lasted 30 years have caused a stream of stars to end up being encouraged to dispute the throne of Pantín. The list of illustrious people who have participated is inexhaustible, from the legendary Tom Curren to Mark Occhilupo, Joel Parkinson or the brothers Andy and Bruce Irons.
This year won’t be an exception.

REMEMBER: Access to dunes outside of authorized travel sites is prohibited. It isn’t allowed to uproot plants or disturb wildlife.

A COMMITMENT: Help Pantin Classic be exemplary in the protection of the biodiversity it houses. Respect the signage, and place yourself in the authorized places to observe the test, but NEVER ON THE HIGH OF THE DUNES, NEITHER CROSS THE DUNES.


COLLABORATE with the environmental volunteering of the Pantin Classic and its activities.


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