How to customize your surfboard

1. Select Surfboard Size:

For Example:

4′ 7″19 1/2″2 5/16″22.8

2. Select Tail Shape:


Have significantly less surface area than any other tail shape. They tend to fit tighter into the wave face and therefore allow the rider to remain in control in steeper and more critical parts of the wave. True pin tails are usually the go-to tail shape for really big, hollow and/or barreling surf. Just about all the guns (big wave boards) you see and boards for super thick hollow waves (think Pipeline or Teahupoo) have this tail shape because when it comes to the crunch you really wouldn’t want to be sliding around too much on any of those waves.

Rounded pin

Is a great choice for step-up boards. You’re taking the significantly reduced area of pin tail – i.e. you want something to really help you grip the wave better – but you’re adding a touch more surface area, in effect loosening up the feel of the board a little. A good example of a place you’d ride around pin would be Bells on a pretty solid day. You still want to be able to hold your line on the wave and handle the speed that it gives you, but you also want to have a touch of looseness there so you can go to town carving on those big walls.

Squash tail

These tails are a safe choice for all round surfboards and generally make up the bulk of the surfboards sold. Their outline makes them very user-friendly and versatile in a lot of different conditions. These tail designs suit the majority of types of waves that most of us spend our time surfing in Victoria. The way that the tail sits in the water, being a little broader makes them suit waves that you are going to be doing a lot of turns on. They make your board feel a lot looser because it’s not gripping the wave as much. The increased tail area helps carry you through the flatter sections of the wave making them the go-to choice for everyday conditions (small to medium-sized surf).

Swallow tail

Are quite similar to square tails in the way that they behave – their advantage lies in the amount of grip they give a board. That little cut-out allows the rider to sink and keep the rail in the back end of the board in the water a little bit better than a square – thus increasing the control and grip you have for a board with more tail area. As a result, you can get away with slightly more tail area – making them an ideal choice for a fish and other fun types of boards for smaller waves. Alternatively, because of their ability to grip the wave face – they can increase the wave range that a regular shortboard can handle – without feeling too twitchy or spinning out.

Round tails

Sit in between the square/squash tails and the pin tail varieties. Their most noticeable characteristic is the increased curve in the tail that they add to the outline of a surfboard. This increased curve in the outline makes them fit into the curve of the wave a bit better than square/swallow tails. It also makes them smoother and easier to turn than other tail shapes. Generally, most round tail variations have slightly less area than squares & swallow tail shapes – this increases the amount of control you have over your board without deviating too dramatically from the loose feel of the squash/square/swallow tail shapes.

Every Board has different attributes, you would choose depending on the model.

3. Construction & Glassing



PU (Fiberglass): Polyurethane (PU) construction uses an industry standard foam combined with a wooden stringer that is denser then Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), providing a smoother ride with additional flex.Standard
EPS (Epoxy): Polyurethane Foam with Epoxy Resin in an upgraded versión of your traditional PU board with a high-grade wooden stringer and laminated using fiberglass cloth and an exclusive epoxy resin. It is proven to be 5 times stronger with a lively flex pattern, also helping reduce yellowing over time. Please Note, Epoxy surfboards can take up to 4 weeks longer to manufacture.Team Lite
Extra Strong

4. To be written on board. Select the text you would like to write on your board

Every Board has different attributes, you would choose depending on the model.

5. Select Fin Layout & System


A single fin box is most common on longboards and is the most traditional surfboard fin configuration. Turning with a single fin is limited, meaning single fins are ideal for fast, straight shot surfing. Single fins will provide stability, control, and predictability to your longboard. Longboard single fin boxes are long and allow you to move the fin forward for a looser feel, or further back for more control.


Twin fins or a dual fin configuration will make your surfboard fun, playful, and maneuverable. Two fin setups are not ideal for big-wave riding and are commonly featured on shortboards to enhance their speed. Twin fins offer a skater feel and longer, more drawn out turns.


Nowadays, 3 fins are the most common configuration and can be found on a variety of surfboard shapes and sizes. The two outer fins are closer to the middle of the board, angled towards the board center and can be flat on the inside in order to increase water tracking and speed. The center fin is the closest to the tail and is symmetric on both sides for stability. Tri-fins perform well because they add stability, control, and maneuverability that beginners to pros excel on. A thruster configuration also gives you options – ride twin or single if you want!


Quad fin configurations offer speed in the smaller surf by channeling the water to the end of the surfboard and out the tail for acceleration. Two fins near the rails of your surfboard will also add stability and hold in big-wave surfing. Lastly, quad fins are great for generating drive through turns.


Five fin configurations are not meant to be surfed with all five fins. Five fin boxes allow you to mix and match fins depending on your preference and the surf conditions. Swap from the freedom of a twin fin, to the traction of a thruster, to the speed of a quad without changing boards.

Every Board has different attributes, you would choose depending on the model.

Select Artwork

 Shaper Artwork
 Upload Design
Every Board has different attributes, you would choose depending on the model.

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