The Surf localism has been always a controversial subject.

There are very different points of view, you could find people who think that locals only its okay or not.

There are people who support and practices it and on the opposite side, the others who complain of all type of “property” in the waves.
We are going to speak about this phenomenon that exists for years in the beaches from all over the world.

There are many complains in Spain, where surfers of specifics zones, call themselves ” locals “.

Many surfers have learned, developed, established friendships and love the nature of one concrete beach. Even, bank on of the type of wave, we see different characteristics, having specific forms to speak reporting where the breaker come: closed wave, roller wave, of windy beak, wave in an alone direction, urban wave, shore waves, valley…










The Positive venue.

We can say that a positive localism exists when is that opened that surfers share the waves they usually take with any foreigner, respecting preferences, the nature and the norms of coexistence/protocol inside and out of the water. A localism that establishes days of cleaning the beach, classes, and festivals that defends the sea from urban projects, extends the surf spirit.



This localism doesn’t consider themselves as owners of the specific beach. They take care of the ” Beach Health ” and they wish that other people also do it. They understand that’s because of the development of the sport and his overcrowding users, the internet has made impossible to have a beach where you and your 10 friends could surf alone, like a few years ago. They also understand that they themselves will visit other waves and the same welcome.












The aggressive venue.

The increase of surfers, the overcrowding of the most known beaches especially in summer, the surfers that don’t respect the basic water behaviour rules, the boom of the surf-schools ( The bulk of professional and no-pro that simply explode human livestock to obtain profits without imparting the security and natural concepts) , the “Human Bullets” that goes on the surfboard without respecting the others and with dangerous speeds , creating sometimes climates very negative in the beaks.

We can find continuously discussions, even fights, that are a sad but true reality in beaches of all the world.
It is a fact that surfers don’t live in a parallel universe so, these attitudes could be a reflection of the bad behavior that currently human society in general have.

Individualism, competitiveness, selfishness, the “everything can be done”, the “first “ I”, the aggressiveness, the requirement of immediate satisfaction above norms, are bigs constants that don’t only exist in the surf , but in the society where we live is unavoidable that surfers have bad behaviour in the water as they would act in a problem of traffic or in a discussion with the neighbourhood. Until the surf pros lose their control and transmit a sportive attitude not only to surf but all kind of the sport.

The pipeline, Hawaii, with his feared “Black Trunks”, Silver Strand in California, Mundaka in the Basque Country, The Quemao in Canaries islands, Rodiles in Asturias, Doniños in Galicia, The Barceloneta in Cataluña, Australian waves, Brazilian… The list of places that sometimes suffer conflicts is infinite.

In front of this phenomenon of localism surf and his reasons, we also have possible solutions, and there are so many questions: The venues protect his zone?  or they are appropriating of her? Who is local and who not? Does it justify the violence and threats? The concept of “venue” really exists? What has caused these problems? There is a limit, there is a remedy?


We expect that the good manners win and the practice of the surf gone good behavior to all over the world. Is it possible?

We encourage you to share your point of view to this reflection sending freely opinions and contributing to improving the situation.

Respect, and Aloha!


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