We all have clear where the surf is born, but his salty origins have derived along the time and nowadays, you can find big level freshwater exclusively surfers… Rivers, lakes and the waves swimming pools, that have given the turn to the world turning into a true viral phenomenon, are the main spots of these surfers. We go in to analyze his breaks and the conditions in which they surf to decide what would remain us.

If you think in the surf, you think in the sea, the sand of the beach, the rocks of the reefs, the tubular waves breaking on these and inevitably, in the salt.
Which surfer doesn’t know the marine salt smell? Which surfer hasn’t noticed his body full of salt after a bathroom?… which surfer doesn’t have surfed in the sea?

Of course, we don’t go to tackle in the origin of the surf from the point of view of today because it is more than clear that the first surf was salty and that this has developed that the immense majority of the sportsmen that practice this sport, they do it in the sea. However, is unavoidable to receive surfer videos in lakes by the Internet, in rivers and in the first place of course, in the blessed swimming pools of waves. All these no salty surroundings have shown that they don’t have at all that envy to the ocean in which they joint. His waves can become fast or slow, interminable or short route, tubular or soft, static or with movement…. The big variety of conditions that these paces offer us deserve an attentive glimpse.


First, to initiate the discussion we would like to separate the surf in lakes for two main reasons. The first is that the way in which they form his waves is very similar to the one of the sea and thus it doesn’t need special attention or results interesting to compare. And the second of them comes in relation to the first and is that because the waves form the same but with swells of a lot of lower quality, the conditions that develop aren’t so suitable as in the rest of the no salty places.

Munich Airport

Therefore leaving sideways this appearance, look to the rivers surf. People said that there was it surfed less than ten times but that go there with a cork and take some waves in the river was an only feeling… Like this wave, you can found a lot of all around the world, I would say that an incalculable number of them. All that needs is a discharge the sufficiently strong as so that it breaks against a rock at the bottom of the river and that this positioned to create a foam with a bit of wall. And already it is, here you have it, to practical effects, an interminable wave. The most famous I would say that, by the number of visits in Youtube, carries it to him the wave of Munich on the river Eisbach. The other day precisely I saw a video of Mick Fanning surfing…

Mick Fanning surfing in Munich, Germany

Mick Fanning surfing in Munich, Germany

The other hand, also in the fluvial world, have the waves change of the tide that does that vary from time to time and attending strictly to the lunar periods, the rivers that receive them see to break huge waves in occasions with very good quality. In Alaska or in the Amazons, doesn’t matter, these true phenomena and natural shows happen unobserved by the majority of the world, so only affect, in grave occasions, to the communities that in a first hand receive it. The big problem that a priori can put him put into this practice is that you have to square it with a Swiss precision. Imagine you fail or seeing the wave break that goes to be able to surf while minutes and minutes… would be even until painful.

Surfing Amazonas

In addition to these two types of waves, of course, all the rivers have that remain exposed to big swells in the coasts in which they end and that receive waves that go river up of the significant way and that depending on the bottoms of the sedimentation, create surf waves or not.
A perfect example of this is the Urumea river in Donostia.

Urumea surfing

But of course, it wasn’t in the lakes where you could find better conditions, neither in the rivers by his frequency… once again the human arrived to invent something that would change the surf freshwater and that later would completely revolutionize the industry; the waves swimming pools. No, we aren’t speaking of the also viral videos of a giant swimming pool with many Asians with floats doing a human wave of humans spread in solar cream. We’re speaking about the waves swimming pools that allow carrying the surf to places where never before could have arrived. Of the blessed swimming pools that seem taken out of the most perfect dreams. Tubes, rip walls, sections to practice cutbacks… all have space in these artworks of engineering that hypnotized so many minds.

The competition organized by Kelly Slater the last month in his swimming pool broke the Internet, in this are all of the agreement. But it has been, the Wavegarden group those who have carried the thread conductive in the waves swimming pools development. What remained that left of two palms and half that saw to shatter to Medina does a pile of years? Those first videos of the left being surfed by surfers like Owen Wright, Aritz Aramburu or Mick Fanning gave the turn to the world when all even seemed a dream. Perfect waves in a swimming pool with an uncle giving him to the button when you want to? As practically yes. Little by little they were developing new prototypes with his corresponding viral videos until arriving at the last version, the Wavegarden Cove. This swimming pool is able to produce a big variety of waves and especially, being his more valuable attribute; they can consecutively surf waves in a seconds frequency.


These swimming pools have completely revolutionized the surfing industry since it’s the best road to arrive up to now into an unattainable public; the coast surfers with few waves or interior surfers. The future of competitive surf could also find a sweet answer, especially with the east entrance in the Olympic games.


The pro surfers that want to train when there aren’t waves, people that don’t have time to go to the beach and go to the swimming pool would be easier for them, people that prefer to pay and surf alone perfect waves… Is undeniable that this phenomenon supposed to be a before/after in the freshwater surf world, even in the surf world in general.

The freshwater surf shows only some characteristics and that they can resemble the ones of the surf regarding the satisfaction that it produces. Magic waves changing the perception of surf who people have in some seconds, or in some minutes. But freshwater surfers that wish surf in salt water exists, also the salt waters that don’t lose the opportunity to surf his own secret wave in a river when this decides to break. The waves swimming pools have arrived to change the sport and carry it to places and now unknown levels up. It would be a bit counterproductive, having already made the study, comparing both confronted surf types.

It’s clear that sea surf can’t be simulated by another way, and that the first base in the freshwater surf. But nowadays, with an unprecedented historical level change and without an apparent signal of braked, until the most related nature practices can find alternatives that improve the development of the sport and of the people that practice it.


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