It isn’t the first time that we see people surfing with our friends the dolphins. These intelligent animals, who are so smart (or even more than us)that they enjoy surfing like us. Their physiognomy allows them to do what we can only dream of. We could say that the dolphins were the first surfers and certainly, the Polynesians who invented surfing were inspired by them when it came to carving their first boards.

A video recorded in Australia shows how several dolphins swim in a row and one of them jumps out of the water and hits a surfer who was going in the opposite direction and falls off his board after losing his balance. The surfer, identified as Andrew Hill, 54, was enjoying the waves on Friday afternoon near Gracetown, 270 kilometers south of Perth.”Eight or nine of them decided to take the wave and sail directly to me,” said Hill, quoted by Perth Now. He added that events like this have happened to him “many times in the past”.

The surfer was unharmed, but the video has gone viral.

According to the athlete statements, the event “Was unexpected and surprising“.

He also stressed that a possible crash would have been tragic: “At the high speed that surfed if I had given him we would be injured.”

In this casewho had the preference in this wave?


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